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    My vectra-C



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    My vectra-C

    Post by dose-stirlingcruisers on Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:48 am

    Not the best pic..these will come later..

    i bought this in september last year as i had a wee one so was mega practical...although my biggest regret was not buying a sri model as she got the last say on the fuel with the 2.2 compared to the 1.8 which this is...anyhoo,

    started off totally standard..steels orange lights the lot..

    vxr spoiler
    colur coded handles.
    sri skirts
    sri/gsi rear bumper
    lowered 40mm
    irmi rep front grill
    elite rear lights.
    sri clear side reps
    debaged sides.
    19' snowflakes wrapped with dunlop SP's
    theirs more but i am tired..
    a bit different for a young chap well23 to have but hey it does the job.

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